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Large capacity Electro-chlorinator for Water & Wastewater treatment, Cooling water treatment and other disinfection process requiring Chlorine, but procuring and storing Chlorine is cumbersome and hazardous. The best and convenient alternative is Sodium Hypochlorite.

Continuous Production Electro-chlorinator are designed for high capacity production of Sodium Hypochlorite from brine solution. The system produces 0.6 to 0.8% Sodium Hypochlorite.  Pre-assembled Skid mounted units are available too.


  • The Electrolyzer cell is housed in a chamber made of FRP/Acrylic/PVC.
  • Large Brine tank to hold salt stock for days.
  • Brine agitator creates a saturated salt solution.
  • Actuate Brine Dosing pump ensures a proper concentration.
  • Advanced cell design ensures production of Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Compact cell cleaning system for periodic cleaning.
  • Hypo tank level controller controls the production NaOCl.
  • Hydrogen blower ensures safe operation and venting of hydrogen.
  • PLC/ Relay based panel controls the automatic operation of the system.
  • Built-in Heavy duty power supply for long hours of operation.


  • Medium to large water treatment facilities for disinfection of drinking water
  • Waste water, Effluent and Sewage treatment.
  • Re-chlorination in Water distribution network.
  • Disinfection in Cooling water circuits, Fire water storage tanks


PCP 1000
PCP 1500
PCP 2000
Active Chlorine
500 Grams/hr
1000 Grams/hr
1500 Grams/hr
2000 Grams/hr
5000 Grams/hr
2 kgs/per hour
4.5 kgs/per hour
7 kgs/per hour
9 kgs/per hour
22.5 kgs/per hour
7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
NaOCl Produced
Per hour
70 liters
140 liters
210 liters
280 liters
700 liters
Water that can be treated with 1 ppm of chlorine(approx.)
500,000 liters per hour
1000,000 liters per hour
1500,000 liters per hour
2000,000 liters per hour
5000,000 liters per hour
AC Power Consumed
2.5kw/per hour
4.5kw/per hour
7kw/per hour
9 kw/per hour
22.5kw/per hour
  • Fill salt in the Brine Tank.
  • Switch on the system in the control panel.
  • Solenoid/Motorized valve will open and allow the water to flow into the system.
  • Part of the water will flow to the Brine tank to dissolve the salt.
  • Adjust the water flow into the Electrolyzer with the Flow control Valve and Rotameter, according to instruction.
  • The Brine dosing pump starts and injects the saturated brine solution into the water line.
  • In the Electrolyzer chamber the salt solution gets converted to sodium hypochlorite
  • The outlet of the Electrolyzer is connected to the Hypo storage tank.
  • A blower connected to the storage tank blows out the Hydrogen build, through a vent tube.
  • A temperature sensor provided in the Electrolyzer switches off, when the temperature of Sodium Hypochlorite produced, exceeds the preset temperature limit, giving a cooling off period for the Electrolyzer.
  • A level switch provided in the Hypochlorite storage tank stops production of Hypochlorite once the storage tank is full.
  • It automatically turns the sodium hypochlorite generator on when the level in storage tank is reduced.
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