Effluent, Waste water and Marine sewage treatment our products

The purpose of disinfecting wastewater is to substantially reduce the amount of microorganisms in the water to be discharged back into the environment.

Especially, in muddy water the solid matter shields organisms from UV Light. Therefore, UV based solutions are not effective in such situations because of short contact time, low doses and high flow rates. Also UV is a very expensive solution for waste water treatment.

The most commonly used method of disinfection of waste water is Electro-chlorination due to its low cost and long-term history of effectiveness.

Marine Sewage

Our systems treat the sewage & marine waste through electrochemically generated NaOCl. Marine sewage treatment units provide effective electrolytic treatment of both black and grey water.

Cyanide Disposal

In electroplating industries, the cyanide effluent is neutralized using sodium hypochlorite generated by our onsite Electro-chlorinator before disposal.

Odour control

Controlling hydrogen sulfide and other odor causing emissions is a major issue for most wastewater treatment plants. H2S odors can by reduced to very low levels by wet scrubbers using sodium hypochlorite generated by our systems.

Color control

Effluents from leather tanneries & textile processing industries have highly pigmented effluents which can be controlled by the use of sodium hypochlorite generated by our systems.

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