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We are Pristine Water's sole representative in the Americas. We offer best in line solutions for Disinfection of water, Algae Prevention and Bio Fouling Control using Sodium Hypochlorite, generated by Electro-chlorination.

What is an effective disinfectant?

  • It should be reliable and effective in killing pathogens that are normally encountered in contaminated water.
  • It should leave a certain minimum amount of residual concentration of the disinfectant in water to ensure continued disinfection during water storage.
  • It should not introduce substances in water that would make water harmful or make water unpleasant to look at.
  • It should have adequate shelf life without significant loss of potency.
  • It should be affordable.

While it is very difficult to find one disinfectant which meets all these requirements, sodium hypochlorite of low concentration is the most suited one, as it meets most of the requirements listed above.

Pristine Waters have more than 30 years experience in the Chlorination field. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with more than 1000 installations in 18 countries and across 4 continents.Our product range is 5gms/hr to 500Kg/hr of Sodium Hypochlorite, which can treat from 5000 liters to 500 million liters of water per day. We offer quality product and excellent service. We can customize the equipment for any large projects. We also offer Skid Mounted and Solar powered Electro-chlorinator .

Our Electro-chlorinator generates sodium hypochlorite ,  a disinfectant ,  from common salt solution or sea water. The main advantage would be "Hazard Free", where the user doesn't have to handle Chlorine in ANY form. It might even reduce your Insurance premium, because our equipment eliminates the safety concerns and dangers of "Chlorine" handling.  


Advantages of an Electro-chlorinator:

  • Safe and Hazard free, not having to handle "Chlorine". Chlorine accidents can cause damage to the eyes, breathlessness besides even death.
  • Liability Insurance in such case can be very high, due the nature of the damage it can cause, if there is a chlorine leak. Electro-chlorinator can save that cost.
  • Over all cost savings over "Gas/Liquid" chlorinators. You don't have to buy or rent numerable huge cylinders/tonners. You need an over head crane or forklift to handle those tonners. Need a large clearance in the storage room. Transportation cost on those tonners, empty & filled.
  • Can avoid the Chlorine safety kit and the huge hood that contains the leaking chlorine gas.
  • Less man power and man hours.
  • There is one more dosing option, in Sodium Hypochlorite solution feed dosage. This might save on dangers related to chlorine gas leak, but all other hassles remain the same. The strength of the disinfectant reduces every day, as you store it.

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