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Compact Chlorinator  
Compact Electro-chlorinator is a Batch type Sodium Hypochlorite generator, a strong disinfectant, by electrolysis process, from salt and water. It eliminates storing of Liquid/gas chlorine or Bleaching powder.  All you need is Salt and Electricity. The disinfectant generated by ‘ Compuchlor ’ can be directly injected into water or waste water to disinfect up to 60000 liters of water per day depending on the contamination.

This equipment is a total system by itself, with Reaction tank, Hypo Tank, Power supply unit and Dosing pump, all integrated into one single unit. They are pre-wired and have all plumbing set-up ready to install any were without any civil foundation or support stands.


  • A batch process system
  • Extremely light weight and portable
  • Reaction tank, Hypo Tank, Power supply unit and dosing pump are all integrated into one single unit.
  • Ready to use system
  • In eight hours the system produces 60 grams of active chlorine.
  • Electronic timer with memory helps the system to complete the batch even if there is a power break-down.
  • Power supply unit can take wide voltage fluctuations and frequency changes
  • Storage Tank is provided with level switch to protect the dosing pump from dry run.
  • Can disinfect upto 60000 liters of water per day at 1ppm dosage.


  • Small colony water treatment facilities for disinfection of drinking water
  • Hospitals & Clinics for disinfection and sanitizing of instruments
  • Schools, Educational institutions for Drinking water
  • Villages and rural areas.


System Specification
Model name : Compclor
Total Chlorine Produced  : 60 grams/ batch
Batch Time : 8 hours
Hypochlorite strength : 7 ~ 8.0 Gpl
NaOCl Produced Per Batch : 8 liters
Salt Consumed : 250 grams/per   batch
AC current Input  : 230 V/ 110V,
  50-60 Hz
Material Specification
Anode : Titanium
Cathode  : Titanium
Coating : Platinum group of metal oxides   like,Ruthenium   and Iridium   MMO   Coated   DSA, as per   ASTMB 265   & 348 Gr. 1 & 2
Control Module : Electronic Power Supply.   Provided with Electronic   timer   with auto stop after   8 hours.
Reaction tank : Fiber Glass with Vinyl   Ester   Resin
Dosing Pump : Diaphragm operated   Electronic   metering   pump.


  • Fill water up to the level marked in the tank
  • Put 250 grams of salt in the tank and dissolve it.
  • Plug in the system to the power outlet.
  • Switch on the “Power On” switch
  • Production starts, and remains on for 8 hours.
  • Switches off automatically after producing 60 grams of Chlorine.
  • Transfer the Sodium Hypochlorite to the Bottom Tank by opening the transfer valve.
  • Switch on the Dosing pump.
  • The Dosing pump will stop automatically when the hypo tank gets empty.
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